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You'll find links here to a selection of tearsheets from publications I've worked with. To see more or discuss creating an article for your publication, get in touch with me via the 'Work With Me' page.

BBC Travel

50 Reasons to #LovetheWorld

The first World Nomad Games

Lonely Planet

Beyond the Dunes: Road Tripping Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Hiking Kyrgyzstan: A Trekkers' Guide to the Tian Shan

Two-Week Traveler: Choose Your Central Asia Adventure

Independent Traveller's Guide to Skiing in Kyrgyzstan

Celebrating Nowruz the Central Asian Way

Central Asia's Traditional Sports

Finding Four Sisters: Secret Valleys of Sichuan

AramcoWorld Magazine

Walnuts and the First Forest Farms

Walnuts and the First Forest Farms (Online)

AUCA Magazine

A City of Two Tales - Travel as A Chance to Learn

Saving Snow Leopards: One Rural Community at a Time

AUCA At the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan

Austin Monthly

Canoe&Kayak Online

Minarets and Madrasahs: Exploring Bukhara

5 Reasons to Paddle Palau


Travel Guide: Central Asia

Under the Radar: Afghanistan

Vagabundo Magazine

Kayaking Palau

World Nomads

Extraordinary Experiences - The 2014 World Nomad Games

Matador Network

Behind the Shot: The Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan

Native Foreigner

Hiking to Everest Base Camp

Spektator Magazine

Kickin' It at Kol-Tor

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