Bespoke /biˈspōk/

Made to individual order; custom-made.

Here you'll find several examples of clients I've worked with previously. I have experience in Personalized Photography for vacation/engagements and Destination Marketing for a number of DMOs. For each, these images are a result of discussion between the client and myself to determine exactly what they hoped to capture and what aspect of the experience they most wanted to emphasize.

Whether working as a personal photographer documenting special  moments abroad or finding a way to set your business's advertisements above your competitors', this focus on your distinct priorities is of the utmost importance. To request more samples or to start discussing your Bespoke Media needs, see the 'Work With Me' page.

Personalized Photography

Vienna Engagement Photography - Jessica and Kevin

This photo shoot was a bit different, in that Kevin wanted to capture the actual moment of proposal and of course make it a surprise for Jessica. This was another one of those shoots where it was the fact that I had a lot of local knowledge of the city (Vienna, Austria) that even really made it feasible in the first place, especially because Kevin and Jess had never been there before and so didn't know what to expect. It was hard to coordinate, to be sure, but it also made for some really attractive photos and of course leaves a special memory for the couple of the city of Vienna and particularly the Belvedere Palace itself! 

After the initial surprise shoot, we went back to Belvedere for a  formal engagement photo set and then to Schonbrunn Palace for a bit more. Vienna is a great backdrop for this kind of work, because it has not only the classical Hapsburg-era palaces but also grit and graffiti if that suits your style a bit more closely. It also happens to be a great city to be in pretty much any time of year, so I'm always happy to have an excuse to head back and shoot it again. 

Istanbul Engagement Photography - Johnny and Crystal

One of the great benefits of having traveled extensively for the past few years is that there are a number of cities I know quite well. Well enough, in fact, to make sure my clients not only have the best travel experience possible but also that they return home with photographs that commemorate the trip AND make their friends jealous! Not only will you have a personal photographer, but my local knowledge eases your planning and logistics as well.

Whether facilitating exotic engagement photos for a couple traveling together or capturing special family moments on an international vacation, I can help you create these amazing memories. Cities I have a particularly strong relationship with are Istanbul, Vienna, Dubai, and Hong Kong. For a personalized travel and photography experience in these cities or elsewhere, see the 'Work With Mepage.

Destination Marketing

'RUN the Silk Road' Marathon

Held annually on the shores of Kyrgyzstan's Lake Issyk-Kol, I was able to partner with the RUN the Silk Road Marathon for their 2014 race. This is a unique event in a really beautiful location, and given that it brings in a good amount of foreign currency to Kyrgyzstan I was happy to partner with them to cover the race. Considering that much of my coverage of the country is focused on the traditional nomadic culture, this was also a nice opportunity to feature an up and coming organization helping to expand the range of Kyrgyzstan's appeal.

Given that I'm based in Kyrgyzstan, I'm happy to discuss other events in the Central Asia region and how I can help produce photos and written pieces that held spread the word. If you're interested in partnering, use the 'Work With Me' page to get in touch.

Egypt Excursions Online

In response to falling tourism numbers after the 2011 revolution, locally-based tourism provider Egypt Excursions Online requested photography for their adventure-heavy tour programs throughout Egypt. In the deserts of Hurghada and the chaotic streets of Cairo, I worked with them to create photographs that emphasized their hands-on approach to helping tourists engage with the natural and cultural beauty of Egypt.

If your organization needs compelling media to highlight the unique details that make you a better value than your competition, go to the 'Work With Me' page to get in touch and discuss your needs.

GetYourGuide GmbH

I've worked with GetYourGuide in a number of places, from the USA and Europe to the Middle East, but one of my favorite trips working with them has been the United Arab Emirates. The GetYourGuide Photography Team is all about capturing emotion and action as well as the details that make an experience unique. Out of consideration for my work agreement with GYG I haven't uploaded photos from the final photo set I gave them, but these are some favorites of the rest of the shots from that trip. 

As this set shows, I can adapt to a broad range of circumstances to emphasize the important aspects of your product. To discuss how we can best collaborate, go to the 'Work With Me' page and contact me about what your organization needs.

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